Lesson Plan Title : The Pilgrim's Feast

Age Range: Kindergarten through grade 2 (Early Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: Our traditional Thanksgiving foods are not the same foods eaten by the Pilgrims and Indians at that first feast. This activity lets students try the foods that the Pilgrims would have eaten.

Objective: The student will be able to describe and taste the foods that were eaten by the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving.


Chart paper


Various foods eaten by the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving

Plates, cups, spoons, and forks

Parent volunteers


Ask students what they eat at Thanksgiving. Discuss whether they think those same foods were eaten at the first Thanksgiving feast. Name the foods that were eaten at the feast and explain that the students are going to have a chance to taste those foods. Have parent volunteers pass out one food at a time. Have the class try it together and chart how many liked it, did not like it, or were not sure.

Have students complete a worksheet comparing modern day Thanksgiving dinners with the first feast. You can also include questions about the foods they tried and the results listed on the graph.

Wrap Up:

For homework have the students create a picture of their ultimate Thanksgiving meal. What would they include? Who would they choose to share it with?