Lesson Plan Title : Famous Mothers

Age Range: Grade 9 through grade 12 (High School)

Overview and Purpose: This is a light-hearted activity that allows students to argue their case about famous moms. Using persuasive writing, students try to convince their classmates whether the mom is/was a good mom or not.

Objective: The student will be able to research and write a persuasive piece about whether a famous person is/was a good mom or not.


Internet access for each student


Brainstorm with the students positive and negative traits in motherhood. Have each student choose a famous mother and write a persuasive piece about whether she is/was a good mother or not. Have them present their papers to the class without telling the class who they are talking about. Let the students guess which mom it is/was. Have the class decide if the student convinced them that the person was or was not a good mom.

Wrap Up:

Remind students that while this is a persuasive piece, they still need to be respectful and factual. They should not use inappropriate terms or rely on rumors when writing their papers. This activity could be used as a jumping off point to discussing how a parent's actions influence and affect their children. The students could make predictions about what effects these traits will have on the children.