Lesson Plan Title : A Speech for the Sneetches

Age Range: Grade 9 through grade 12 (High School)

Overview and Purpose: In this lesson, students use Dr. King's speech to help them write their own speech for the characters in Dr. Seuss's book, Sneetches. In the book, there are two types of Sneetches, one has a star on its belly and one does not. The two types of Sneetches are unable to get along because they're different. The students have to write a speech expressing their desire that the Sneetches live together in peace and harmony.

Objective: The student will be able to write an "I Have a Dream" speech for the characters in Dr. Seuss' book, Sneetches.


Dr. Seuss' book Sneetches

A copy of Dr. King's speech for each student


Read Dr. Seuss' book, Sneetches, to the class. Divide the class into groups and have them write an "I Have a Dream" speech for the Sneetches. They can use Dr. King's speech as a reference when they are writing. After they have completed their speeches, have them present them to the class.

Wrap Up:

Students may need a copy of the text of Dr. Seuss's book to help them write their speech. Encourage them to be creative and to even write in the same style as Dr. Seuss'. It might seem odd to read a picture book to high school students, but even though they may roll their eyes or make comments, many of them will enjoy it.