Lesson Plan Title : Making Kwanzaa Placemats

Age Range: Kindergarten through grade 2 (Primary)

Overview and Purpose: In this patterning activity, students make placemats for Kwanzaa using the colors red, green, and black. They are encouraged to cover the entire placemat in alternating stripes of these colors.

Objective: The student will be able to make a placemat for Kwanzaa using the colors black, red, and green.


Black, red, and green paint




Have students create colorful Kwanzaa placemats using black, red, and green paint. Encourage them to try to make a pattern of alternating stripes on the placemat. When they are finished, you can laminate the placemats and send them home with the students.

Wrap Up:

If you're planning a feast for Kwanzaa in your classroom, your students can use their placemats as part of the decorations.