Lesson Plan Title : Collage of Kwanzaa Colors

Age Range: Kindergarten through grade 2 (Primary)

Overview and Purpose: In this activity, students make a collage using the colors of Kwanzaa. They work together to cut out different pictures that have the colors red, green, and black which are associated with the celebration.

Objective: The student will be able to create a collage using the Kwanzaa colors of red, green, and black.


Various magazines





Have students make a collage by cutting red, green, and black pictures out of magazines. Have them glue the pictures on a large piece of paper. Encourage students to only cut out pictures that are entirely one of these colors. Have them glue the pictures of one color in the same place on the paper. This helps make it easier to see what the collage is representing.

Wrap Up:

Students can also use pieces of crepe paper, tissue paper, and construction paper instead of cutting out pictures. For larger classes, the students might want to make more than one collage or make their own individual one.