Lesson Plan Title : Creating a Potion

Age Range: Grade 9 through grade 12 (High School)

Overview and Purpose: Step by step directions for creating a potion are the basis for this writing activity. Students create their own potions, explain what they do, and give directions for how to make them.

Objective: The student will be able to create a unique potion, explain what it does, and give step by step directions for how to make it.


Handout of pretend witch's potions


Discuss some of the different potions found on the handout. Have students brainstorm other uses for potions. Students can create a potion for a use that was named or they can make one up. Have them write an informative piece explaining what their potion does and how to make it.

Ask students to share their work when everyone is finished.

Wrap Up:

Students can also create a brochure promoting their potion or they can create a television ad promoting their product.