Lesson Plan Title : Gourd People

Age Range: Grade 9 through grade 12 (High School)

Overview and Purpose: Students use small gourds to make Halloween creatures.

Objective: The student will be able to make a face from a small gourd.


Small paring knives

Variety of small gourds


Have students work carefully to create faces from the gourds. Before they start have them spend some time looking at their gourd and trying to figure out what the 'personality' of it should be. Have them take their time carving the faces. When everyone is finished, have the students create a scary scene where they can set up the gourds. Take several pictures that can be used later for still life drawings, comic strip activities, or photo manipulation lessons.

Wrap Up:

This activity does use a small knife. If that is inappropriate in your school or for you class, you can omit the cutting and just draw the faces and bodies on the gourds.