Introduction to Aboriginal and Indigenous Studies Lesson Plans

  Introduce students to the new topic. Familiarize students with the basic of Indigenous culture ready for the following lessons. Students will learn new vocabulary and begin to understand why people are happy not to change or continue with trqaditional belief systems.

Goals / Aims

1. Link what they already know about Aboriginal Australians to the new topic

2. Students to identify basic and clear differences in modern society and Aboriginal living

3. Identify what they would like to learn more about Aboriginal Australians


1. Students to understand they must treat this topic with sensitivity and respect.

2. Students should know there are many conflicting views that need to be respected


- Picture Story book/big book

- Colored Paper

- Coloring Pencils

- Glue

- Scissors


A. Introduction-

Read children the book about Aboriginal Australians.

B. Development-

1. Discuss with children the themes of our country and its history and original inhabitants

2. Explain to children why we study Aboriginal Australians

3. Discuss the sensitivity of the topic, and ask children what they already know about the topic

C. Practice-

1. Set children back to tables to complete a small writing task- Write a small paragraph about Aboriginal Australians on the board.

2. Children can then make their own Aboriginal Flags to display around the classroom- using colored paper and pencils

D. Independent Practice-

1. Observe children around the classroom- how are they conducting themselves?

2. Answer any questions children have about the new topic- For children hat have no prior knowledge on this topic may have many concerns or interests.

3. Having a literacy component monitor children whilst writing and correcting faults.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

For children that have difficulties in the classroom with ranging activities including literacy, provide them with an alternate task

- fill in the gaps hand writing sheet

- Ready made flag that only requires coloring

F. Checking for understanding-

1. Ask students to bring up their writing task to the front of the class for checking.

2. Once completed correctly students can collect materials to make their flags.

3. Once flags are completed they can put it on display and return to the carpeted area.

G. Closure-

1. have a final class discussion about the topic.

- What do you know about Aboriginal Australians?

- What would you like to know about Aboriginal Australians?

2. Create a word wall and chart that can be kept for comparison at the end of the unit to show what students have learnt throughout the course of the unit.

7. Evaluation-

1. The literacy task will show what level the students are at with their hand writing skills, and ability to affectively work copying from the board, without consistent direction.

8. Teacher Reflection-

Observing from the children's responses to the topic, alterations can be made so that all areas the children would like to study will be touched upon.