George Washington's Presidency Lesson Plan


Key Vocabulary:

Bank of the United States
National Debt
Whiskey Rebellion
Foreign Policy

Goals / Aims:

1.Discuss the steps Washington took to make the new government work

2. Describe the causes and effects of the Whiskey Rebellion

3.Compare and contrast the American and French Revolutions


1. Explain Hamilton's plan to reduce the nation's debt and build the economy

2.List and describe the cabinet offices

3.Explain why Washington wanted to remain neutral in foreign affairs

Materials and Aids:






A. Introduction-

1. 2. Ask students to answer question on the board (in their notebooks)

2. After we discuss the question, we will review last night's homework assignment.(Ch.9 Section 2 review questions 1-5)

B. Development-

1. Introduce PowerPoint and explain each slide as it pertains to the chapter. This will take up the majority of class time. I will stop periodically for class discussion.

C. Practice-

1. I will Frequently ask questions as we go along and call on students to answer or explain questions. I will ask them to relate slides to information we have already discussed and connect with previous lessons.

D. Independent Practice-

1. Worksheets "Father To A Country" and "The French Revolution& American Neutrality. One page is a reading excerpt and the other is a fill in the blank activity will key words from the reading. I have a Guided Reading worksheet to go along with the first two sections that I might give them depending on how much time we have and how much we get done during class time. I will most likely hold onto it and give it on Monday.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Often when answering questions, students will have bits and pieces of the correct information but sometimes they have a hard time putting it together. I will assist by pulling out what they already know and filling in the gaps. This class does not require too many special accommodations. I give a lot of positive reinforcement to all students.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. I will frequently check for understanding by calling on students and making sure that they are all with me.

2. I will also use the worksheets as a method to check understanding.

G. Closure-

1. I will close the lesson by giving a brief summary of what we discussed. I will list the 5 most important things I want them to remember from the lesson as well as go over the key terms.

2.I will explain the worksheets and if there is time, will work on with the students as a class activity. If time runs out, I will assign for homework


1. I will evaluate students through class participation.

2. I will also collect and grade the worksheets on Monday.