Contrasting the North and South during the Civil War Lesson Plan


Key Vocabulary:

Civil War

Evaluating characteristics of the regions pre-war.

Goals / Aims:

1.Students will identify the economic,social,and cultural differences between the North and South during the early 1800's.

2.Students will gain an understanding of the uniqueness and complexities of the war.

3.Students will gain an understanding of how slavery played a key role in defining the objectives of the war.


1.Defining the term 'civil'

2 Understanding the geographical component of the war.

3.Comparing and contrasting the Civil War against other wars.

Materials and Aids:

handouts, surveys ,whiteboard


A. Introduction-

1.Defining the term 'civil'

2.Overview of the uniqueness of the war.

3.The regional impact the war had and the separation factor.

B. Development-

1.Students will 'warm up' with a description of wars involving the United States.

2.Students will take a true or false survey regarding the war.

3.Students will be given a handout comparing the North and South in terms of strengths and weaknesses'

C. Practice-

1.Students will highlight the information using categories(economic, social, and cultural)

2.Students will/can work in groups and do a checklist. 3.Students will identify the characteristics of both sides.

D. Independent Practice-

1. Students will complete a deep graded K.W.L. (KNOW, WHAT, LEARNED)

2.Oral and written(worksheets)

3.Essay 4 to 5 paragraphs on differences of the North and South both pre and post war.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Handouts work

3. worksheets

4.Extended time, if needed for all stduents.

F. Checking for understanding-


2.True or false survey


G. Closure-

1.How does the climate and geography of both regions compare?

2.What was the society like of both regions?


The goal is to present information regarding the unique circumstances of the war and evaluate the impact of the Civil War on today's society.