Kindergarten to Grade 3 Social Studies Lesson Plans 51 to 100

  1. Australia- Students will create a travel brochure for Australia.
  2. Being Treated Equally- To let children experience prejudice first hand, in reference to Martin Luther King Day.
  3. Career Collage- The goal of this activity is to expose students to the numerous careers that exist in this world.
  4. Chain of Compliments- Students will give and receive compliments to and from their classmates. This activity can promote self-esteem as well as classroom cooperation.
  5. Creating an Edible Map- Students will create a map and examine the physical geography, borders, and/or cities/towns of an area.
  6. Mapping the School- Students will develop their mapping skills by creating an object map of the school.
  7. My Personal Treasures- Students will learn and appreciate the "personal treasures" of their classmates as well as their own.
  8. Playground Map- Students will develop their map-making skills, as well as their sense of direction.

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