Lesson Plan Title : Games from Around the Globe

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: All kids love their playtime, or do they? Ever wonder what games children play in other countries? Students will have an opportunity to learn this and more as they work together in the following lesson.

Objective: The student will be able to

*learn games from different cultures.

*explain the children all around the world like to play games just like they do, even though the games might be different.


Any items necessary to play the games you choose



Choose some games from around the world that are similar to games children in America play and some that are unique. There are several sites that list games that are easy to play. Just throw up a google search.

Have the students play the games one at a time and then ask them if it reminds them of an American game. Talk about what they think about the games and the children who play them.

Have students write in their journals about their favorite game and what they thought of the games you played that day.

Ask them to go home and talk to their parents about the games they remember from their childhood. Tell them to find out if there are any that the students have never heard of or played.

Wrap Up:

Show-and-tell opportunity! You could send a note home to parents and/or grandparents, in advance, asking them to visit the class and share about the games they played during their childhood. Maybe they still have pieces of the games they used to play and would like to give a demonstration of how they were used.