Lesson Plan Title : Cultural Feast

Age Range: Grade 3 through Grade 5 (Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: Dust off your chef's hat - it's time to get cooking! We have all seen those cooking shows on T.V. and wondered if those exotic dishes tasted as good as they looked. Now your students have an opportunity to find out what they are missing. Bon App�tit!

Objective: The student will be able to taste food from different cultures.


Student supplied food


This activity can be used as the culminating event in a study on cultures in your classroom. Have students identify a cultural dish that they eat at home (or that they would like to try if none are made at home). Have a day where they can bring it in for the class to try.

Ahead of time have the student bring in the recipe and a short summary on the history of the dish. Create cookbooks that the students can take home.

Wrap Up:

To get everyone into the spirit, you could decorate the table with various figurines/artifacts from different cultures. As an added bonus, students can come to this event dressed in the appropriate attire that coincides with the culture's cuisine that they have chosen.