Lesson Plan Title : Colonial Children's Games

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: How much fun can we have while using our imagination? This lesson will stimulate students' creativity and give them a glimpse into the lives of children from the Colonial era, when no electronic devices were present.

Objective: The student will be able to name three games colonial children used to play.


Jacob's Ladder toys

Hula Hoops and sticks


Pick Up Sticks (called Jack Straws)


Start the lesson by asking students what they do in their free time, what games do they play? Then ask them to think about what they would do if there was no electricity, would that affect what toys they played with?

Bring out the toys listed above and ask students what they are. Who do they think would have played with them? Tell them about children in colonial America and that these are toys they would have had. Ask for volunteers to come up and try the toys. After all of them have been demonstrated, break the students into groups and let them play with them.

Wrap Up:

For homework, have students draw a picture showing what they would do at home if they had no television, video games, phones, or batteries.