Social Studies Lesson Plans 101 to 150

  1. Air Pollution: What Can You Do?- This lesson is about air pollution awareness. It will help students to understand what air pollution is and how students can communicate their feelings about it.
  2. Canadian Province Puzzle- Students will examine the shapes of each province as well as where it belongs in Canada.
  3. Cathedrals, Pyramids and Mosques- Includes 3 lesson plans.
  4. Come to Canada! Poster- Students will examine the positive aspects of Canada (eg. diversity, natural resources, scenery) while they design a poster attracting people to come to Canada (travel or immigrate).
  5. Countries of the World- "This is a game idea I made up by myself to help the kids in my class learn the countries of the world. I teach 6th graders. It really helped them to become familiar with the countries of the world."
  6. Creating Stories Using Pictographs- To incorporate Native American history, culture, and philosophy into an educational program that is significant for children today.
  7. First Nations Lesson Plans- 10 lessons on the first nations.
  8. Homer Price (the Doughnuts)- In the process of figuring out how to sell the doughnuts, Homer helps a woman find her bracelet which she lost in the doughnut machine.
  9. Lesson Plan: The Civil War- As a result of completing this unit, students will be able to discuss some of the social, political, and personal issues that Americans confronted during the Civil War era.
  10. Life in a Castle- The students to understand and be able to write about life in a castle.
  11. Life Map- Students will learn and appreciate the major events that have happened in their own lives as well as others. This activity emphasizes that a person's experiences greatly determine what kind of person they are.
  12. Mexican Food- Following a lecture on the history of Mexican food, grade five students will be able to recognize and order Mexican cuisine, at a restaurant, with 100% accuracy.
  13. Multicultural Games- Students will learn, appreciate, and teach the history, cultural significance, and the rules of a multicultural game.
  14. The First Americans Today- The goal is to begin the process of helping students visualize the Native American culture as a very important part of their everyday existence.
  15. The Real McCoy- Elijah McCoy was an African-American inventor who successfully designed an automatic oil cup that may have inspired the popular phrase, "the real McCoy."
  16. US States and Capitals- US Map puzzle--free software for learning the locations of the states, and their capitals. It works like a wooden map puzzle, except you can't lose Iowa under the bookcase.
  17. An Entreduction
  18. Analyzing Designs
  19. Banking Is INTEREST-ing!
  20. Banks, Bankers, Banking

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