Lesson Plan Title : Swahili Numbers and The African Tradition and Origin of Spirituals

Overview and Purpose: We are going to review some of the Swahili words we have learned. We will also investigate topics on Slavery, Spirituals, Law Pertaining to Owning Slaves, Adversity.


1. Learning and singing Spiritual songs.

2. Introduce the origins of Spirituals and their importance.

3. Provide ideas of white privilege and how some slavery is still practiced in the world.

4. Students will remember the Swahili words we have learned.

5. They will have a number book that they can take home and share with their families.


1. Successfully learn terms.

2. Learn what Spirituals were pertaining to.

3. Analyze how America has changed and how it has/hasn't moved forward in regards to "privilege".

4. Students will create a number book.

5. All students will participate in the activity and review the words they have learned before.


Moja Means One.

Clips from "Amazing Grace", and "Amistad". Analyze lyrics.



1. Listening to the songs

2. Part to part note learning

3. I will reintroduce the book Moja Means One.

4. I will read numbers 1-6.

5. We will then transition to creating our own number books.


1. Having student's analyze the words of the songs.

2. Providing a short lecture on the history of the slave trade and America's past slavery laws.

3. I will explain that as we are wrapping up our unit on Africa we want to reflect on the things we have learned.

4. This reflection involves creating a craft that will help remind us and to show to our families.

Class Practice:

1. I will show how to create a cover page with a title.

2. I will explain my expectations about what they will put on the pages within the book.

3. They will have three examples of each number on each page.

4. Part learning.

5. Encouraging students to think about America in another light.

Independent Practice:

1. The children will create a title page of their own.

2. The children will create pages within the book how they choose to decorate the.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction):

1. Newspaper articles on the slave trade over seas. This can be used to reflect back on for students who have difficulty.

Learning Checkup:

1. Music Journals

2. Tests based on the information covered.

3. Discussion participation

Wrap Up:

The students will share the books they have created in a circle at the end and explain why they chose to design their pages how they did.