Lesson Plan Title : Morphing Objects by Hand

Age Range: Grade 6 through grade 8

Overview and Purpose: This lesson has students changing an object into another object just by changing one feature at a time. They will be drawing the object ten times, so beginner artists should choose simpler shapes that they will be able to draw in a reasonable amount of time.

Objective: The student will be able to change an object into another object by changing one thing in each of ten successive drawings of an object.


Pictures of everyday objects (or the objects themselves)

Drawing paper with ten boxes drawn on it



Students will choose an object or picture of an object and draw it in the first box. In the second box they will change one feature on the object. So, if they are drawing a toy soldier and they want to morph him into a tree they might leave off an arm or change it to a branch. In each box they will add, remove, or change a part of the picture from the previous box. When they are finished they will have morphed their object into a new object.

Wrap Up:

This lesson allows students to be very creative; however, some of them may have trouble deciding what their object could change into. To help them with that, have them brainstorm ideas with a partner while they are looking at the shape of the object, the purpose for it, and the different ways it can be positioned.