Lesson Plan Title : Fall Trees on Foil

Age Range: Grade 3 through grade 5

Overview and Purpose: This is a nice introduction to etching. Students can create a fall drawing using just foil, paint, and tissue paper. This would be a nice lesson to use in October when the leaves are changing.

Objective: The student will be able to:

1. trace the trunk and branches of a tree onto foil.

2. paint the trunk of the tree.

3. tear and paste fall colored tissue paper onto the picture for leaves.

4. Children will learn about nature.

5. Children will learn about colors of leaves.

5. Children will find nature beautiful.


Hard piece of wood or tag board to put behind the foil

Heavy duty foil


Blank paper or copies of different kinds of tree trunks

Stylus or dull pencil (one per student)

Black permanent marker

Brown tempera paint


Fall colored tissue paper

A. Introduction-

1. Wait until Fall.
2. Then talk about all the trees changing colors and why they think they are doing that.
3. Then explain to them why the trees are changing colors.

B. Development-

1. Take them outside and show them the trees that are locared in the playground of the school.
2. Have them collect at least 7 leafs each.
3. After they have their leafs let them pick up rocks, or grass, etc.

C. Practice-

1. After they collect everything they want take them back inside.
2. Model for them that they dont need to much glue on the back of the leaves.
3. Let the children make their picture just walk around to see if any of them need help.


Have the students either choose a drawing of a tree trunk or draw their own on a blank piece of paper. Tape the foil to either their tables or to a hard object such as a piece of tag board, lay the drawing over top the foil, and have the students trace it with the stylus. They will need to press hard so the outline appears on the foil. When they have finished they should outline their tree trunk in permanent marker and then paint it using the tempera paint.

After the paint has dried the students can tear up pieces of tissue paper and glue them to the ends of the branches and on the ground.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. To easy, give them a certain kind of leaf they have to find. Like maple or oak.
2. To hard then work one on one with them collecting or designing their picture.

Wrap Up:

This lesson can be made more complex for older students by having them draw more complex pictures or using a wider variety of colors of paint. This lesson can also be done in the spring when the trees are flowering.