Lesson Plan Title : Mosaics

Age Range: Grade 3 through grade 5

Overview and Purpose: Students can create a picture using many small parts. This lesson can be tied into many subjects and themes across the curriculum.

Objective: The student will be able to sketch a simple drawing and fill in all the space with small items to create a mosaic.


6x6 inch squares of tagboard



Small items such as beans, pebbles, or beads


Students should sketch a simple picture on their paper. When they have it completed they can apply glue to small sections at a time and lay the beans or pebbles. Explain that the idea is to create a contrast between the picture and the background. The background does not need to be just one color, but it should be obvious what the picture is when the picture is finished.

Wrap Up:

This can be a multi-day lesson. Day one the students can help prepare the items to be used by painting or sorting them and then drawing their pictures. Day two can be spent creating the mosaic. Students can also work together to create a large mural instead of individual pieces.