Lesson Plan Title : Poster Contest

Overview and Purpose: Why is it important to vote?

1. Tell Students The Idea Of The Contest / Art Activity

Say: The Idea Of The Art Today Is We Are Going To Draw Is What Safety Means To You. You Can Write One Sentence About What You've Drawn. This Will Be Used As The Poster You Were Going To Do At Home. We Will Judge It After February Break And The Winner Will Be Revealed On That Friday.

2. Hand Out Materials ( Such As :Pastels ).
3. Start Off The Project.
4. Take 45- 50 Minutes For Art.
5. Then Ask To Start Thinking About Their Sentence.
6. Lucas Collect The Art


Art: Art: 1.02 Apply knowledge and concepts gained across the curriculum as a source of ideas for art.
1.07 Elaborate on an idea or theme.
2.03 Demonstrate increased fine motor skills.
2.07 Depict self and others in a variety of real and imaginary situations with increasing detail.
4.03 Interject personal point of view regarding one's own surroundings.


2.V.2.2. I can show my ideas through imagery.
2.V.2.3. I can create art through the my imagination.


Paper 8x11'' white
Paper 9x12'' color



1. Introduce Contest and Prizes
2. Introduce theme


1. Share your reason why it is important to vote.
2. Write sentence on board.
3. Draw picture relating to that sentence.

Class Practice:

1. Come up with reason why it is important to vote with class.
2. Write sentence on board.
3. Have class come up with appropriate picture.
4.Think Before Drawing

Independent Practice:

1. Students write their own idea of why it is important to vote on back of paper.
2. Students draw picture relating to sentence.
3. Students color in with crayons and outline with markers.
4. Students pick out colored paper and glue picture on like a frame.

Differentiated Instruction:

1. Leave both examples on board if students would like to copy.
2.Offer suggestions if students need it.

Learning Checkup:

1. Students have sentence clearly written on back.
2.Students picture relates to sentence.
3. Both sentence and picture should relate to the theme and of "Why it is important to Vote"

Wrap Up:

Share pictures and see if students can guess the reason.
Check for theme and if applicable, send to contest.