Lesson Plan Title : Molas Collage

Overview and Purpose: This lesson introduces student to the bright colors and abstracted designs of traditional Molas using drawing with markers and cutting and pasting colored papers.


1.Student will be able to recognize good color composition.
2.Student will be able to visualize space and movement and decide on appropriate placement of color.


1.Students will learn about the history and characteristics of Molasses
2.Students will create a Mola design that reflects their understanding of that art form, selecting appropriate subject matter and design qualities.


1. Construction paper in different colors.
2. White drawing paper
3. Different color markers.
4. Elmer's Glue
5. Mola Pattern
6. Scissors and pencil



1.Show and discuss the history of Molasses using American Sign Language and overhead projector.
2. Instructions are clearly written down for the hearing impaired to read.


1.Students are given the materials.
2.Cooperative work is promoted with groups formed by a regular student and a hearing impaired one.

Class Practice:

1.Using the examples and sample patterns, draw animal, plants, or any mola design.
2. Students are given precut pieces of different color paper, and scissors to adjust pieces that do not fit properly.

Independent Practice:

1.Use the pieces of paper and create the designs in the Molasses
2.Use a Elmer's glue in small dots to be able to control the flow of glue.

Differentiated Instruction:

1.Hearing impaired students have a simple How-to work sheet that the child can follow.

2. Team work promotes learning and communication between the group.

Learning Checkup:

1. Student goes through the processes that must result in large bright color Molasses
2. Clean and correct usage of glue will be assessed.

Wrap Up:

1. Mola animal design must have as much asymmetry as possible.
2. Knowledge of color and composition will be reflected.