Lesson Plan Title : Drawing Birds

Overview and Purpose: Drawing an animal using basic shapes.


1.Identify basic shapes. (Circle,square,rectangle and triangle.)
2. Associate shapes with body parts of animal.
3. Uses different colors
4. Creative
5. Structure
6. Drawing assessment


1.Drawing an animal using the understanding of basic geometric shapes that relate to
the look of said animal's body parts.
2.Uses different colors
5. Students will draw from a verbal prompt read to them from the art teacher

Content and Topics:

Crayons and 12x18 news print or manila paper.

Draw what pops in your head.

You will have 30 minutes to draw what was the first thing that popped up in your head.

Drawing assignment for grade level 3-5 to help with planning future lessons and for possible recogmendations for gnt art testing
ground line


Pictures of birds from different sources such as the Internet,magazines, and paintings. They must use different types of materials.



The class will start with a light exercise of students standing up by their desk facing the teacher. Students will then follow the instructor's directions of pretend air drawing three letters of the alphabet. Both upper case and lower case forms. Students will count the number of strokes it takes to complete each letter. When done students then return to their seats ready for the lesson.

General directions for 3-5
Turn paper horizontally and do not start with a ground line and do not draw little boxes to put things in because this is one large drawing.
Because this is going to be a whole picture overlapping is good.


1.Student will look and talk about birds.(What are their features,what is student's favorite bird, and what do they dislike and like about birds.

2. Next students will identify and go over basic shapes. (Explaining what is the difference between the shapes such as the number of sides and points each has.

3.Finally students will then try and associate the shapes with the most reasonable body part of the bird. Guided by the instructor. And draw a mass shape drawing of said bird. Using a guided reference produce by the teacher.

Explain: I'm going to have them draw lots of different things to see how their drawing has developed and it will help me in planning my art lessons for this year.
They are going to draw a large picture one character at a time.
Don't forget that you may combine these figures any way you would like and that you may want to use some overlapping.
I will write each figure on the board so you may refer to them at any time.
Starting with a person running, baby in a stroller,, dog, cat, bird, duck on a leash, tree car house plane pnd someone riding a bike, someone on a skateboard.
At the end students are encouraged to put in a ground line or any other details that they may think necessary.(mountains, road, etc.)

Class Practice:

Students will practice drawing their shapes along with the teacher on a piece of news print paper.

Draw large to fill up paper, start by stating that they are looking in an elevator when the doors open
Name a list of things or characters and write each one on the board
clown,farmer, super hero baby in a stroller, basketball player, spiderman, someone ina tuxedo, ballerina, yourself, art teacher, dog, cow etc.
At the end enourage students to add background detail.

Independent Practice:

Students will listen to direction and draw from prompt.

Differentiated Instruction:

1.Slower students will not be expected to draw as many characters-characters will be explained and repeated

2.Advanced students will be expected to add more details.

Learning Checkup:

1. Reviewing the body parts of bird and the shapes that relate to them.
2.2 students are doing good.
3.2 students are doing okay.
4.2 students are doing bad.
5. Did students draw horizontally, did students use some overlapping and add a ground line at the end.


1. Students participation in lesson. (Drawing the shapes and finished work of bird. Answering questions.)

2. Check for amount of detail in drawing, overlapping and the addition of some background elements.

Wrap Up:

1.Once done students may place finish work in class pro folio.

2. They will be evaluated by the school at the first open house. Parents vote for their favorite.

3. Allow time for student directed discussion on what they got out of the drawing exercise. Do they think they did well or do they think they need more work on their drawing skills.

Extensions To Other Subjects:

MATH : Knows two dimensional shapes such as triangle and circle. An awareness in addition and subtraction of shapes. Placing an object in a relation of another.

LANGUAGE ARTS : Carrying on conversation and problem solving.

SCIENCE : Recognize that many things are made up of different sizes, shape, and amount.