Health Sites To Use With Students

  1. Brain Pop- Animated movies on health, science, and technology.
  2. Common Sense: Strategies for Raising Alcohol- and Drug-Free Children- The site includes information about drug and alcohol prevention; polls; family activities; bulletin boards; links to help and hotlines; and more.
  3. Health Finder- Provides free and reliable health information.
  4. - Discover how the body works and what can make the body sick by reading through these expert articles written just for kids.
  5. Med in Web- Easy access to free medical information.
  6. MooMilk- Children who want to learn more about dairy farms and products will find information about cows and milking, recipes, connect the dot pictures, a monthly contest, a milk quiz, and a virtual tour that tells the journey milk takes from the food the cows eat through the milking process to the store.
  7. Web MD- Provides great audience-specific health information. The best medical site on the net!