Foreign Language Sites To Use With Students

  1. Basic English/Spanish Translation Games- Activities and games to help Spanish speakers learn English vocabulary and English speakers learn Spanish.
  2. Foreign Languages for Travelers- Teaches the basics of over 70 languages.
  3. Gaelic-English Dictionary - A downloadable program for translating English to Gaelic and vice versa.
  4. Learn to Speak Swahili - Translates common words and phrases from English to Swahili. Pronunciation can be heard with the use of RealPlayer.
  5. LinguaWeb - A revision resource which helps with learning French, Spanish, German, and Italian. For older students and requires free registration.
  6. Little Explorers : Portuguese Dictionary - Translations from English to Portuguese with a picture dictionary.
  7. Say Hello to the World - Learn to say "hello" in over 30 different languages, plus find links to resources about the languages, the cultures, and language learning on the Web. From the Internet Public Library.