Foreign Language Sites To Use With Students

  1. Basic English/Spanish Translation Games- Activities and games to help Spanish speakers learn English vocabulary and English speakers learn Spanish.
  2. Basic Maltese Grammar- Learn the basics of Maltese including alphabet and numbers. For older students.
  3. Foreign Languages for Travelers- Teaches the basics of over 70 languages.
  4. Gaelic-English Dictionary - A downloadable program for translating English to Gaelic and vice versa.
  5. Learn to Speak Swahili - Translates common words and phrases from English to Swahili. Pronunciation can be heard with the use of RealPlayer.
  6. LinguaWeb - A revision resource which helps with learning French, Spanish, German, and Italian. For older students and requires free registration.
  7. Little Explorers : Portuguese Dictionary - Translations from English to Portuguese with a picture dictionary.
  8. Say Hello to the World - Learn to say "hello" in over 30 different languages, plus find links to resources about the languages, the cultures, and language learning on the Web. From the Internet Public Library.
  9. Swahili Language - Gives translations of common words between English and Swahili, and also demonstrates their pronunciation.