Early Childhood Education Journals

  1. Ask The Preschool Teacher - A place to ask questions and get responses from qualified preschool teachers. Includes an archive of questions asked previously.
  2. Kinder Korner- High-traffic list offers Pre-K through 2nd-grade teachers a place to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss what works in the classroom.
  3. Preschool_Edu_Loop - A place for teacher and preschool educators to share ideas, get advice, chat, ask questions, give answers, and share daily classroom problems.
  4. Preschool_Edu_Themes - A place for teachers and other preschool educators to share ideas related to a theme. Themes are mailed twice per month. Subscribers must share at least one idea per mailing, or they will be dropped from list.
  5. The Perpetual Preschool- Over 6,000 free songs, crafts, games, snack ideas, and learning activities for preschool and kindergarten educators to use in the classrooms. Includes thematic units, professional development resources, and teacher forums.