Waldorf Professional Development

Waldorf Method of Teaching

  1. Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training - Offers a full program with experienced faculty. The class schedule allows students who work full-time to attend.
  2. Online Waldorf Library - Searchable database of Waldorf education resource materials.
  3. OpenWaldorf.com - Topics, research tools and community for Waldorf parents.
  4. Peter Normann Waage Answers Allegations - Anthroposophical response to Nazi-allegations against Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy. The excesses and excrescences of Waldorf critics.
  5. Schooling the Imagination - Article from the Atlantic Monthly describing Waldorf education.
  6. Sunbridge College - Waldorf elementary and early childhood teacher education programs leading to certification and a Master's Degree option. Continuing education for teachers and administrators.
  7. Waldorf Answers - Details on Waldorf schools, their philosophy and a number of the myths cultivated about Waldorf education.
  8. Waldorf Education Home Schooling List - Discussion forum for homeschoolers whose philosophy and curriculum are inspired by the writings of Rudolf Steiner.
  9. Waldorf Inspired Students at Home - Provides lesson plans and support materials for homeschooling based on the Waldorf model.
  10. Waldorf Resources - Information for present and prospective Waldorf school parents.