What Nonprofit Organizations Can Help Schools?

Education is very important. It equips individuals with all that is needed to make them successful in life. It opens doors of career opportunities, and fetches great prospects in growth and career. It is essential because it paves the way that leads to disillusionment. Also, it wipes out the wrong beliefs in the minds of people. Because of it, people no longer become confuse of the things and situations around them. Education instills a sense of pride in every individual about the knowledge that he has and prepares him for the future. Every young boy and girl has the right to proper education.

A public education system, called the K-12 education system, is familiar to most people. It is composed of thirteen grades, particularly kindergarten until 12th grade. The K-12 education system refers to all public schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other parts of Europe. Today, the K-12 education system represents the education that is compulsory to all children in the United States. It can be attained from privately or publicly funded institutions. All young boys and girls around six to eight years old are required by law to enroll in educational institutions.

There are numerous nonprofit organizations that aim to help students finish their studies. They either send financial help or send supplies. Some of them also donate buildings and equipment that can be used in the school. Nonprofit organizations are entities that funnel surplus funds back into their operations rather than distribute such surplus to investors or owners. Their primary focus is to provide services to at least one sector of the populace, rather than to general wealth. They can exist in the form of a foundation, a cooperative, or a trust.

One of the numerous nonprofits organizations that aim to help students is The American Indian College Fund. This organization transforms higher education by funding and spreading awareness of the community-based accredited Tribal Colleges and Universities, providing students access to skills, cultural values, and knowledge that can enhance their community. This organization disburses around six thousand scholarships every year for American Indian students who seek to improve their lives through higher education.

Asia Society is another nonprofit organization that seeks to help students who are in need of support. It works to strengthen relationships as well as to promote understanding among the leaders, institutions, and people of Asia and the United States. This organization aims to increase the knowledge of people. It also aims to encourage their expression of creativity, enhance their dialogue, and generate brilliant ideas regarding culture, arts, business, education, and policy. It covers more than thirty countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Aside from Asians and Indians, Hispanics are also given the chance to pursue their studies. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is a nonprofit organization that offers scholarships to students of Hispanic or Latin descent. However, these students should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 based on a 4.00 scale. High school graduating seniors, undergraduate students, and graduate students with the necessary requirements are all qualified to apply for scholarship. Of course, they should be citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States.

Other known nonprofit organizations are the AFS, formerly called the American Field Service, and the Africa-America Institute. AFS offer international exchange programs in over forty countries worldwide. It allows young men and women to study abroad to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as to learn new culture and values. The Africa-American Institute, on the other hand, promotes enlightened engagement between America and Africa through dialogue, education, and training. The members of these nonprofit organizations have the well-being of students in mind. They want each and every one of them to learn a lot of things, and have a brighter future.

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