Montessori Professional Development

Montessori Method of Teaching

  1. Albanesi Montessori Educational Center - United States distributor for Gonzagarredi teaching materials. Offers CME credits for teachers.
  2. Bambini Montessori Materials - Malaysian manufacturer and exporter of materials, equipment, teaching aids, and other educational products.
  3. Cabdev Incorporated - Supplies learning materials throughout Canada and the United States.
  4. Hello Wood Products - Online wood products catalog of Montessori materials and Classroom furniture.
  5. In-Print for Children - Picture cards and charts designed for matching, classifying, labeling, and sequencing in areas of sensory perception, language, geography, biology, and zoology. For early childhood and elementary classrooms.
  6. Juliana Group Manufacturer of Montessori Materials - School furniture and montessori material, which comes with lifetime warranty. We specialize in gonzagarredi materials and furniture.
  7. Montessori Materials and Information - International mail order company supplies early learning and elementary materials to homes and schools.
  8. Montessori 'N Such, Inc. - Sells life skills, sensory education, mathematics, language and thematic units for early-childhood and elementary classrooms.
  9. Montessori Research and Development - Educational materials, books, and manuals for early-childhood and elementary.
  10. Montessori Services - Child-size products for preschoolers. Includes practical life, sensorial, language, science, geography, music, art, manipulatives, and parent-teacher resources.
  11. Mortensen Math - Products designed for a mathematics curriculum by a Montessori educator and mathematician.
  12. Nienhuis Montessori - An extensive line of educational materials, specializing in products for the Montessori classroom.
  13. Preschool Power - Montessori-inspired video series uses real preschoolers to demonstrate practical skills.