Top Ten Teacher Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

This quick guide on top interview questions for teachers will give you a flavor of what to expect in your teacher interview. To be well prepared for your interview it is suggested you look over the questions and consider how you may answer them. These ten interview questions for teachers are usually asked in some form.

1. What are your main focuses when delivering a lesson?

Here you should think about what is important when delivering a lesson - how the pupils are responding; what can you do to interest them in the subject.

2. How would you maintain order in an unruly class?

Consider the best way in which to carry out classroom discipline. Are punishments the most effective way to deal with troublemakers, or would a reward system such as a merit chart be better to reward good behavior? Think about adapting the method of discipline to an individual class.

3. What are your strong points as a teacher?

Make sure you illustrate what you excel at enthusiastically. Talk about what you enjoy doing to engage pupils and why.

4. What are your weak points as a teacher?

Try and be a bit modest here - but not too modest of course. Discuss small difficulties you have had in your career and (most importantly) what you have done to overcome them.

5. How would you help an individual student who seemed to be struggling in class?

Here you should address how you would deal with the issue effectively and sensitively. Make it clear you know how important it is that the problem is sorted out quickly so the child isn't prevented from making progress.

6. Describe your personal style of teaching.

Talk about what unique qualities only you can bring to a classroom. Describe how pupils in the past have responded well to your own ideas.

7. How would you go about relaying a pupil's progress to their parents?

Outline how significant the role of a child's parents is in their education. Talk about how you would try to actively involve parents, whilst keeping them well informed of their child's progress.

8. What would you do if you had a disagreement with another teacher?

Make it clear you are a reasonable person who can accept and consider the points of view of others, whilst also trying to put across your own opinion.

9. If a student came to you saying they were being bullied, what would you do?

Discuss how you would deal with the issue sensitively and quickly, making sure the victim feels safe in their school surroundings, as well as investigating thoroughly.

10. What do you think you can bring to our school?

Again enthusiasm is the key here - make it clear how much you would love to integrate into the school community, and always portray positivity with a smile.

These interview questions for teachers should give you a good idea of what you are likely to be faced with in a formal interview. Make sure you have plenty of practice interviews with family and friends before the real thing. Good luck!