Educational Literature on Early Childhood Education

Why Is Early Childhood Education So Important?
  1. Adopted Children in the Early Childhood Classroom- ERIC Document
  2. Appropriate Public School Programs for Young Children- ERIC Document
  3. Beyond Transition: Ensuring Continuity in Early Childhood Services- ERIC Document
  4. Childhood Obesity- ERIC Document
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  14. Four-Year-Olds and Public Schooling- ERIC Document
  15. Full-Day Kindergarten Programs- ERIC Digest
  16. Full-Day or Half-Day Kindergarten? - ERIC Document
  17. Having Friends, Making Friends, and Keeping Friends: Relationships as Educational Contexts- ERIC Digest
  18. Helping Young Children Deal with Anger- ERIC Document
  19. Hothousing Young Children: Implications for Early Childhood Policy and Practice- ERIC Document
  20. Implementing an Anti-Bias Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms- ERIC Document
  21. Integrating Children with Disabilities into Preschool- ERIC Document
  22. Language Development in the Early Years- ERIC Digest
  23. Lasting Benefits of Preschool Programs- Research article explores the long-term effects of various preschool educational efforts.
  24. Latchkey Children- ERIC Digest
  25. Loneliness in Young Children- ERIC Digest
  26. Mixed-Age Groups in Early Childhood Education- ERIC Document
  27. Multiple Perspectives on the Quality of Early Childhood Programs- ERIC Document
  28. Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children- ERIC Document
  29. Prekindergarten Teacher Licensure- ERIC Document
  30. Pretend Play and Young Children's Development- ERIC Digest
  31. Problem Solving in Early Childhood Classrooms- ERIC Document
  32. Protecting Children from Inappropriate Practices- ERIC Document
  33. Quality or Affordability: Trade-Offs for Early Childhood Programs? - ERIC Document
  34. Readiness: Children and Schools- ERIC Digest
  35. Readiness for Kindergarten- ERIC Document
  36. Recent Research on All-Day Kindergarten- ERIC Digest
  37. Staff "Burnout" in Child Care Settings- ERIC Document
  38. Teaching Early Childhood Educators and Other Adults How to Use Computers- ERIC Document
  39. The Development of Social Competence in Children- ERIC Document
  40. The Role of Curriculum Models in Early Childhood Education- ERIC Document
  41. The Shifting Kindergarten Curriculum- ERIC Document
  42. The Shy Child- ERIC Document
  43. Young Children's Social Development: A Checklist- ERIC Digest