Lesson Plan : Food Pyramid

Teacher Name:
 Jamie Minnish
 Grade 1

 Food Pyramid
 Food Pyramid -Fruits -Vegetables -students will identify, sort, and explain their categorization of different fruits and vegetables.
 All students will be able to identify and then sort different fruits and vegetables into their correct location. Students will then explain why they put the food in certain places.
 Behavior: All students will sit for a period of 15-20 minutes around a table and remained focused on teacher instruction. Performance: All students will identify and categorize at least 1 food into the correct location and state the correct reason for making that decision.
 -Review the different food pyramid groups. -Explain to students that we are going to talk about 2 groups today: fruits and vegetables (point out the two groups on the food pyramid on the SmartBoard)
 Teacher will read a slide on the differences between fruits and vegetables. For instance, " Fruits grow on trees and vegetables grow on/in the ground." The teacher will show different pictures of different fruits and vegetables to the class on a slide on the Smart Board.
 Students will take turns going up to the SmartBoard and moving pictures of fruits and vegetables into the two different categories. Teacher will monitor and assist students as needed.
 1) Same categorical worksheet given, different ways to categorize (writing words vs. sorting pictures). 2) Depending on student ability, the expected performance rate is different. 3) Pictures with word pairings will be on the SmartBoard to accommodate readers and non-readers.
Checking For Understanding:
 1) Once students have moved the grocery ad pictures/words into appropriate categories on their worksheet, students will have to explain why they moved 1 item from each category into that specific category. For instance, " An apple is a fruit because it grows on a tree. A carrot is a vegetable because it grows in the ground."
 To close the activity, we will play Food Pyramid Bingo, where students have to identify the food and the group in which each picture belongs.
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