Lesson Plan : Breaking Weather Report

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Colligon
 Grade 2

 Weather around the U.S.
 The learner will be able to identify North, South, East, West, Hawaii, and Alaska and act out the part of six meteorologists in different parts of the U.S.
 1. The children will cover the weather news for the North, East, South, West, plus Alaska and Hawaii. 2. The children will dress for the weather conditions they are talking about. 3. The children will perform one at a time, point to the chart and talk about the weather in their part of the country.
 1. Enlarged Weather map. 2. An easel and a pointer. 3. Scripts with dialogue. 4. Costumes (examples: mittens, scarf, hat, rain coat, umbrella, sunglasses, sweater, lightweight hat, windbreaker, or a sun hat) 5. Television, VCR, and Tape cassette.
 1. The teacher shows the video of a meteorologist from a local broadcasting company. 2. The teacher will ask the students several questions after they have viewed the video. *What is a meteorologist? (Write definition on chalkboard) *Have you ever seen a meteorologist on television before? *What does a meteorologist discuss during the broadcast? (Write responses on the chalkboard)
 1. Teacher explains to the students that the class will be presenting their own broadcast of a weather report and each student will be a meteorologist. 2. Students will be told that the weather is very important to everyone. This is one of the ways we prepare ourselves to dress. 3. Each student is given a different script (from 6 scripts) with a dialogue written on it. The class will read the scripts silently to themselves and then selected students will read and act them out aloud. 4. The teacher will ask the students if there are any words they did not understand and then she will define unknown words to the children. 5. The teacher will select six students to represent each part of the U.S. 6. The teacher will hand out several items and ask the six children to get in costume while they are reporting the weather. i.e. (hate, mittens, sunglasses, etc.) 7. Each child will read the dialogue from the script while they point to their regions (North, South, East, West, Alaska, Hawaii).
 1. The six students will recite the dialogue given to them while in costume using a pointer to discuss their regions of the U.S. 2. For homework the students will have to watch a weather report on their local news and write two words on paper that they did not understand that was mentioned during the broadcast.
 1. If a student has no access to a television at home a weather report will already be on tape and they may watch it during recess. 2. If a student is unable to speak but can act out the script the script will be read aloud by the teacher but the student will actually be acting out the dialogue.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Each student should be able to give a brief description of the days weather using the vocabulary that had been reviewed in the class over the past few days. If a student is unable they will be asked to review te words again and the following day they will be asked to describe the weather using the vocabulary words.
 1. The teacher will then ask the students "Can you give a description of today's weather using some of the word's we have learned within the past couple of days?"
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