Lesson Plan : Reviewing Addition and Subtraction Sets

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Vandenburg
 Grade 5

 Addition and Subtraction Review
 Addition and Subtraction
 Student will review addition and subtraction of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers.
 Student will demonstrate fluency in addition and subtraction of whole numbers. Student will analyze and solve application problems and justify reasonableness of solution in problems involving addition and subtraction of: fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.
 Pencil(s), Notebook and/or scrap paper, Student Reference Textbook, Math Computation Probes for addition and subtraction
 I will discuss with the student what he knew and did not know in the Addition and Subtraction Computation section of the Key Math 3 Diagnostic Assessment.
 I will explain to the student how to add and subtract with whole numbers from the lowest difficulty level he is struggling in.
 He and I will work together to solve a couple practice problems at this level. While explaining the problems to him, I will write the process I used to solve it on my own sheet of paper.
 If student struggles, I will explain the process of solving the practice problems to him again.
Checking For Understanding:
 Student will then verbally explain to me the process we just used to solve the practice problems. If the student answered any of the probe questions incorrectly, he and I will work together to find the solution.
 The student will write down for me math concepts that stills confuse him. This will let me know what I need to work on with him further. I will also answer any other math questions he has at the end of our tutoring time.
 We will take a short written quiz followed by a computer math program quiz.
Teacher Reflections:

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