Lesson Plan : Having Fun with Decimals

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Kelli Hall
 Grade 6

 Converting Decimals into Fractions
 Demonstrate concepts of converting decimals to fractions. Time-frame: 45 minutes
 1. Teaching the sutdents a fun way to change decimals into fractions. 2. Students having a clear understanding how to convert decimals to fractions. 3. Students will be able to convert decimals to fraction independantly on their own.
 Students will: * demonstrate knowledge of decimal place value * demonstrate converting decimal to fraction during class activity * converting decimals to fractions independantly at home thru homework sheet
 Teacher: dry erase board dry erase board marker dominoes duplicated on cardstock homework sheet Student: Paper Pencil
 Today students we are going to have some fun learning how to convert decimals to fractions. Did you know that a decimal is said to be very similar to a fraction? In fact decimal numbers are correctly known as decimal fractions.
 - There are two steps to converting a decimal to a fraction Step 1 -You will use the place value of the number, tenths, hundreths, thouseandths ect.. to change it to a fraction. Example: If you have the number: .10 = 10/100 Because the zero is in the hundreths place. Step 2 -Fraction must be reduced to its lowest term. -To do this find a common factor. -The common factor of 10/100 is 10. 10/100 = 1/10 - With the students input work another problem. - Let the students work the problem as you write it on the board for them.
  Play Decimal Dominoes -The class will be split up into twos and play the gameat at their desk. -Teacher will walk around to monitor the students and help the students who are having trouble and make sure they understand the procedure. -Students will play the game at leat 2 times to feel comfortable converting the decimals to fractions.
  - If students show they do not understand , there will be additional problems worked during class as a goup.
Checking For Understanding:
 -The teacher will ask questions concerning the two steps taken to convert decimals to frations. -The teacher will ask the students if they have any questions? If they do they will go over them together.
 -Now that they know how to convert decimals to fractions, they will have a homework sheet sent home to turn in the next day. References or Resource list: -www.NCTVM.org -Funtastic Math Games, grades 5-8 (copy with lesson plan) www.helpingwithmath.com/printables/worksheets/dec0601convert02.htm -Mathematics for Elementary Teachers,seventh edition, Albert B. Bennett, Jr. L. Ted Nelson
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