Lesson Plan : Simple Addition With Candy

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Martin
 Grade 2

 MS. Benchmark #6a Compute the basic math facts of addition and subtraction with and without manipulatives.
 By the end of this lesson students should be able to add up to 12 with at least 75 percent accuracy. Bloom's level of concept will be used.
 The student will add numbers up to 12 with and without manipulatives.
 blocks, candy, beans
 You know how to add 0-9! Today we are going to use different objects to learn to add up to 12! By the end of the week we should reach all the way to 18!
 * Draw two big circles on the board. * Ask one student what their favorite candy is * Draw that candy on the board in one circle (4 pieces) * Repeat (6 pieces) * Count all the peices to get 10 * Write out 4+6= 10 * Repeat using 5+5
 * Give students several manipulatives. They may work in groups. * Write several problems on the board * Have students work together to find the answer. * Discuss the answers
 For those students that may not have grasped the concept work with them more. Maybe using a lower number such as 5 or 6
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will each be giving one problem. He or she will use manipulatives to give the teacher the answer
 Today we learned all the combinations to add up to 12. Lets review some of the ways we got our answers.(Use different maniplutives as not to lose their attention, maybe hotwheel cars or trading cards.)
 Students will do a teacher made work sheet of 10 problems.(see attached)
Teacher Reflections:

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