Lesson Plan : Lollipop Pull

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Jones
 Grade 6

 Probability, fractions, decimals, percentages, simple events, compound events
 Explore concepts of probability through data collection, experiments, and simulations.
 Use concepts and principles of probabilty to describe the outcome of simple and compound events.
 paper bag lollipops for entire class board with list of flavors written marker for board worksheets for students
 "Welcome to the lollipop pull!" Show students list of flavors on board and ask a few to tell their favorites. Explain and define probability as the chance or likelihood a certain event will happen.
 Pass out worksheets. Model how students will come to the front of class, blindly pull a lollipop out of the bag, then tally the flavor they pulled on the board. Once all lollipops have been pulled, have students count the tallies for each flavor as well as the total number of lollipops and write it in the appropriate spot on their worksheet and on the board.
 Using the lollipop the teacher pulled, demonstrate how to find the probability of pulling that flavor in fraction, decimal, and percentage form. Review how these answers were achieved.
 For advanced learners, demonstrate finding the probability of a compound event-pulling 2 specific lollipops from the bag. For repeated practice, change the number of lollipops in the bag.
Checking For Understanding:
 Collect all worksheets. Ask students, "What is probability?", call on someone, and lead them to the correct response. Ask students, "If there are (24) students in class, what is the probability that I will call on (you) to answer this question?"
 All students should receive 100% on worksheets since they copied from each other and the board. Additional practice/review on subsequent days is required to determine the understanding gained from this lesson.
Teacher Reflections:
 How well did students participate and engage in the lesson? How much noise and disorganization occurred? How well did students comprehend the concept of probability based on this lesson?

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