Lesson Plan : Poetry -Chatterbox, The Rain

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Canez
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 The use of personification to describe the rain and the use of onomatopoeia. Making wet-weather words.
 Reading. Key vocabulary words wet, weather, personification, onomatopoeia.
 Students will be able to identify words that the author selects to create a rich auditory experience. Students will be able to recite poem, Chatterbox, The Rain..
 Students will work in groups to make shape books that catalog the many things the poem "Chatterbox, the Rain" has to say. Students are provided a copy of the raindrop-shaped page for their books. Group members can brainstorm a list of onomatopoeic words that echo the sound of rain falling. Children can write their wet-weather words ont he fronts and backs of the raindrop pattern. Stack the raindrops so that their edges line up, punch a hole through the top of the stack and knot a piece of colorful yarn through the hole to tie the pages together. Students can title their books "Chatterbox, the Rain." Students will then recite the poem to their classmates.
 Copy of the poem, "Chatterbox, the Rain."
 Talk about how words in poetry is used to create a picture in your mind. Discuss last week's poem and what picture it created.
 Model reading this week's poem "Chatterbox, the Rain." Tell students the importance of reading the poem slowly and with expression. Find onomatopoeia words in the poem that the poet employs and write them on the board.
 In groups students brainstorm a list of onomatopoeic words that echo the sound of rain falling and writes them on their raindrop-shaped template to make a book.
 Work in partners - high leveled reader with low-level reader.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will orally, read onomatopoeic words from their raindrop-shaped template and explain where they would hear these sounds.
 Students will take turns reciting the poem to their classmates using movement and expression.
 Students will be evaluated on their onomatopoeic words and their reciitation of the poem.
Teacher Reflections:

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