Lesson Plan : Jump Into A Story

Teacher Name:
 Cynthia Hodge
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Reading, Creative storytelling
 Instructional Goals: Students will understand how they can use their bodies to act out situations or to tell a story
 Students will participate in acting out a story that was recently read in class
 Short Stories
 1. The teacher will make movements with her body and ask the children what she is doing. For example, she can move her legs as if she is running or walking, and see if the children recognize what she is doing. 2. After this short activity, the teacher will talk about drama and acting. She will explain how small movements can be used to signify larger movements. 3. The teacher will ask volunteers to act out a movement and let the other students guess what it is.
 Teacher's Role: The teacher is an encourager in this activity. The teacher should encourage any and all creativity. She should emphasize that things can be expressed in many, many, different ways, so children should be as creative as possible and they should not feel as if they need to stick to any guidelines.
 Creative Question Suggestions: 1. How is it possible that such small movements can indicate much larger movements or activities? 2. What did your classmates do that you thought was very creative? 3. Did any group or person do anything that you never would have thought of? Can you think of anything that you would have done differently if you were in a different group?
Checking For Understanding:
 Troubleshooting: * Some students may have trouble with the limited guidelines or restrictions. In these cases, the teacher may find it necessary to guide certain groups a little bit more than others.
 Evaluation: 1. Students will be evaluated on their group work. Did they participate well with the group? Did they cooperate to produce an act? 2. Did the student participate in the final act? Did the students act appropriately in the presentation?
Teacher Reflections:

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