Lesson Plan : Personal Identification

Teacher Name:
 Srta. Viviani
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 Personal Identification
 Greetings and farewells; asking permission to take leave and responses; and review of the Spanish alphabet.
 1- To review the Spanish alphabet from the previous lesson. 2- To introduce the proper way to greet a person depending on the time of day and wether you are speaking to an adult or friend.)hello, how are you?) 3- To introduce the proper way to bid farewell.
 1- Each student will be able to recite the SPanish alphabet at least once. 2- Each student will be able to greet a peer or adult and bid farewell. 3- Each student will be able to ask "How are you?" and be able to respond.
 I will great the class with Hola clase, buenos dias, giving them exposure to the spanish language. I will then have the students recite the alphabet as a class, repeating each letter after me. I will then have at least 5 students try it on their own. Next, i will ask the students to tell me in English what they see when they see some one in the hall way at school or out in town. The response should be along the lines of hello how are you.
 Direct Instruction/Cooperative Learning After short discussion in english of how you great some one i will ask if anyone remembers what i said at the beginning of clas, or how i greeted the class today. I will move from their to giving the students notes on the different ways to say hello and good bye. We will then move on to introudce how to say "How are you?" and responses.
 After the students have taken down all the notes i will go through, along with them, how to properly pronounce each word. Then i will ask at least 5 students How they are and they will have to respond. I will then ask 5 different students to ask a peer how they are and the peer will respond.
 There are no students with need for modifications. I do have students with 504 plans but these do not apply to instruction, they are for testing purposes only.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will wrapp up the class by asking two students ,that i feel are able to with out struggling, to model the short dialogue for the class.
 The students will be given the Greeting Worksheet for homeowrk. I will check to make sure it is completed, then we will go over it as a class tomorrow and i will collect it to make sure they are correcting any mistakes in usage, spelling, and punctuation.
Teacher Reflections:

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