Public Relations in Schools

Teaching Idea

Student of the Week
Suzie, 4th Grade Teacher

"In my class we have a student of the week each and every week. This person gets to do "special" jobs, and be the teacher's helper. I got this idea from one of my good friends that is also a teacher. You take a small cork board and put a black background. Then you take any color fabric you like and cut it so it will look like curtains when you hang them on the cork board. Next, take letters that match the color of the fabric and spell out with them "Student of the Week." Nex,t you cut out yellow stars and have every student in the class write something nice about the student of the week on the star and hang it on the cork board. At the end of the week the student can take home their stars. Hope this works for your class too!"

Teaching Idea

Reach Out to Businesses
Cathy, 5th Grade Teacher: Atlantic City, New Jersey

"Encourage students to adopt pen pals who are business leaders (with your supervision at all times). The letters often provide the impetus for getting busy executives involved in school. It also motivates interest and commitment to assist schools that have difficulty finding the necessary funding for offering students opportunities that otherwise would not be available. Business leaders can get to meet their pen pals at a breakfast, or tea sponsored by the class."

Teaching Idea

Community Recognition Day
Mary, Middle School Teacher: Washington, VT

"Hold a School-Community Awards Day. Let students, staff, and volunteers nominate recipients from the school and community for various services and excellence. Certificates of appreciation designed by the students can be given to the nominees and the details can be released to the local news agencies."

Teaching Idea

The Power of Partnering
Ray, Inclusion Teacher: Rochester, NY

"Organize a partner system for new students. Students who will make newcomers feel comfortable are good ambassadors; they also build self-esteem if they participate. Call the family and describe your effort to make the new student feel welcome. Plan activities af follow through for about two o three weeks. New famiilies can also be assigned a partner family. Welcome them with packets of information on the school and community. Work closely with the local news agency to take photos of newcomers and feature them in editions."

Teaching Idea

After School Programs
Paul, Senior High School Teacher: Saddle Brook, NJ

"Initiate enrichment courses or evening talks on communication, discipline, peer pressure, study habits, careers, or drug and alcohol abuse for junior and high school students and their families. Arrange to have guest speakers to address topics that can assist families in understanding their children better. You can also tap into the local colleges for assistance."

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