Organizational Techniques For Teachers Tips 6 to 10

Teaching Idea

"Keeping Track of Homework"

Children put a number next to their name (Based on the alphabetical list of their first name on the class roster), on all papers they do in class. That way I know who did what in the classroom. The number is written big and circled. Any student can organize the papers from 1 to 20."

Teaching Idea

"Daily Assignment Sheet"
Retha Lippard: FACS Teacher

"Every day I write on the board the date and assignment, (written assignments, lecture, or discussion, whatever we do for the day.) Each class period is written with a different color marker. I give the students a table chart where there is a place for the date and assignment for the them to fill in and keep in their notebooks. I also keep a copy in my notebook. When the student gets out of my classroom they can refer back to the sheet to complete homework. When someone is absent we all have at our fingertips what we did yesterday."

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Teaching Idea

"Getting students to come on time to class!"
Niv´┐Ż Naga: CW Jefferys C. I (Teacher-Candidate)

"I am currently teaching Grade 12 and 13 Biology at CW Jefferys C. I. Even though there is 5 minutes given to get to the classes, I had students coming in 5-10 mins. late, once the bell has been rung. So, I created a rule that the last person to come into the class today will be the one to give a summary of what we learn today and tomorrow. It is very effective. And the review/summary is actually a very informal 2-3 minutes interactive session to remember what we covered the previous day."

Teaching Idea

"Homework Notes"
Laura Barker, Teacher

"I have had problems with students telling me one reason why their homework isn't done and their parents another. I devised a slip that takes up one fourth of a standard piece of paper. If a student doesn't have his or her homework they must fill one of these notes out and turn it in where they were supposed to turn in their homework. On the slip it asks for name, date, title of subject, reason for not having homework, and a place for them to sign the paper. When parent teacher conferences come around, I can pull out their stack of homework notes and show them to the parent. It has also stopped that problem of "I know I turned it in." I check the box and see if I got a note for that assignment and show it to them. If you want you can also mark the notes after they do finally turn the assignment in. These notes don't take place of the homework, they must still turn it in, but it does show that the assignment was late."

Teaching Idea

"Don't say "here" say ?"
Karen, Teacher

"In the mornings, we mark the class roll to check who is at school and who is away sick. I have a large class with 60 children because I team-teach with another teacher. Often, children can get very bored and restless by the time we finish marking the roll. To make this time more interesting, we ask the children to say an answer to a question such as "What is your favorite movie?", and then the children say their favorite movie instead of saying "here". We also get the children to listen and tell us the most favorite movie that was said earlier. This gets them to listen for the entire marking of the roll and keeps behavior problems down to a minimum."

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