Fun Classroom Games

Teaching Idea

Virtual noughts and crosses
Heather, Teacher Yr. 5/6

"9 chairs required. Set chairs up in groups of 3. 3x3 Place children into two teams and number of 1-12 for both sides. You must have even teams. Then call out a number. That number from both teams runs to a chair and sits down. Continue calling numbers until you get a winner. EG three of the same team in a row or diagonal. We play this using Maori numbers and French. A great game and the class are learning strategy, group support and language."

Teaching Idea

White Board Wars!
Nonie Sadler, Early Childhood Teacher

"Students form a circle. A fluffy ball is thrown to a student. The thrower says," One thing I like about you Matthew is that you're always friendly in the playground." The receiver says,"Thank you, Tiana," and proceeds to throw it to another student. They love this and we all love hearing good things about ourselves!"

Teaching Idea

Digital Camera Hunt
Sarah Piles, 5th Grade Teacher

"My class has a language immersion course which covers French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. At the end of every school year, we play the Digital Camera Hunt. We make a 20-word list of common things found in the school. We then translate all of the words into multiple languages. We don't tell the students which of the languages the words are in. We separate the students into 5 teams. The first group back with all of the correct pictures wins!"

Teaching Idea

Clothes Game
Sh�rley Sm�th, Teacher

"Gather articlesof clothing, e.g. skirt, shirt, hat, gloves, scarf, longjohns, jersey, cardigan etc. and put it in a pillowcase. Have students stand in a circle, play some music fast and loud, and students pass the pillow case around to the sound of the music. Stop the music suddenly and the student holding the case puts their hand in and pulls out an item and must put it on. Keep on doing it until all items are used, making sure a different student gets an item. I then discuss the name, the use, and material of the item before they put them back in the bag... a great fun game for all levels and all ages of students."

Teaching Idea

Classroom Pictionary
Marie, Elementary Teacher

A great way to review just about anything is to use the game pictionary. I break the class into teams of three and four students. I prepare five levels of notecards ahead of time. On each notecard I write single word concepts or definitions. Level one cards are easiest and level five cards are very difficult. Each level card translates to equal point values. For example, a level three card is worth three points.

When the game begins a team gets to pick a level card prior to viewing it. They must send one drawer up to the board. The drawer has forty-five seconds to get their team to guess the word/concept on the card by drawing. The drawer cannot use numbers, letters, or symbols, if they do, the team's turn ends. If the team guesses correctly, they receive the point value. If they guess incorrectly, the card is passed to the next team and an extra point is accumulated. So, if a two point card is missed twice, it counts as four points if that team guesses correctly. I have also added the rule that if I hear the word/concept aloud in the classroom during a teams turn they automatically receive the points. Additionally, to keep the class controlled, if another group is rude or loud they automatically lose one point.

I find this to be an invaluable activity. It engages the students in the activity.