Working With Bullies In Schools

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Teaching Idea

Anti-Bullying Campaign
Gerri, Inclusion Teacher: Newburgh, NY

"Promote a school wide anti-bully environment. Implement an anti bullying campaign that involves the entire school community: parents, students, teachers, and administrators. If the entire school level is not achieved let the classroom adopt individual policies against bullying. Discuss with your students what bullying is, identify bullying behaviors, share personal stories and facts of bullying. Work with your students to develop classroom rules/policies against bullying. Post signs designating and supporting a "bully free" classroom."

Teaching Idea

Know Your Goals
Sharon, 4th Grade Teacher: Rosebud, Montana

"The first goal of all schools and classrooms is the safety of the students. The second goal is the level of comfort a student feels in order to report any bullying. In the beginning, mid, and end of each year, administer a classroom survey to assess the problem of bullying. Share the results with your students and discuss solutions to any bullying problems that are identified in the survey. Instill, from the very beginning, a zero tolerance for bullying. It is important to instill this comfort level in the classroom and to respond to a report of bullying effectively from day one!"

Teaching Idea

The Power of Supervision
Tony, Primary Grade Teacher: Hibbing, Minnesota

"Provide students with increased adult supervision at prime bullying opportunities such as lunch and recess. Implement clear expectations used by the staff to promote consistency in the daily interactions with students and their behaviors. Make sure everyone knows the expectations. When bullying occurs, call students to task immediately by separating them from the rest of the group."

Teaching Idea

Have a Plan of Action
Justin, 6th Grade Teacher: Rockland, Maine

"Describe and discuss with your students the types and kinds of bullies. You may want to find a book that deals with bullying and read exerpts to your students. After discussion takes place on the topic of bullying, specify a clear and effective plan to deal with a bullying situation, including consequences of the behavior. For your own purposes, indicate when to include an administrator, teacher, and parent. The students can also be involved in defining processes. Evaluate and revise the plan on a yearly basis"

Teaching Idea

Empower Your Students
Karen, Intermediate Grade Teacher: Ramapo, New Jersey

"Promote the welcoming of new students by demonstrating and role playing friendship skills. Provide various simulations for students to develop the necessary skills to deal with bullying situation. Empowering students with conflict resolution and peer mediation skills. If you do not have this sort of background, then find a resource that can help you develop these skills in your students."