Top 10 Tips For New Teachers

Starting out is extremely difficult. Remember it will take you five years to figure out your curriculum and the rest of your life to learn how to teach it well. Here are ten pieces of advice from veteran teachers for new teachers:

  1. Be friendly to everyone in the building. They are your support team.
  2. Plan ahead. It's much easier, if you know where you are headed. Don't panic if you fall behind.
  3. Get comfortable shoes.
  4. Resist all urges to gossip! It will come back to bite you!
  5. Be humble. Everyone has good ideas to share. Grow from it.
  6. Be cooperative and share ideas with others as much as possible. It will help you a great deal.
  7. Find a mentor and praise them every day!
  8. If a teaching position doesn't work for you at a particular building or district, don't be afraid to move on.
  9. Know your limits.