How to Write A Back To School Letter For Teachers

We look at what you should include in your first letter home to students and parents. Our veteran teachers offer some great ideas for you. This a letter that is usually sent out two to three weeks prior to the start of the school year.

One of the questions, we often get, is how to address the back-to-school letter to parents and students? Teachers spend more time pondering this, than writing the letter.

We suggest you address the letter in one of two ways:

  1. Dear Families,
  2. To My Wonderful Students & Their Families,

In this video, we also suggest that you remember to add the following to your letter:

  1. Non-personal contact information.
  2. A student supply/material list.
  3. General rules and expectations you have for students and parents.
  4. A brief student schedule, if possible.
  5. Funny facts about you.
  6. Educational resources for students to use at home.
  7. A map to your classroom. Especially for new students or young students.