What To Do On The First Day Of School

The first day of school is very stressful for everyone. We often forget to go over some important items. Here some things you want to make sure you do on that first day of school or first day with a new class in general.:

  1. Have multiple copies of class lists. You may lose one. It always helps to have backup.
  2. Have a seating arrangement ready to go!
  3. Name tags. They can be placed at their seats at the start of the day.
  4. Getting to know you scavenger hunt. A great ice breaker. Here are more ice breakers and a printable scavenger hunt.
  5. Go over emergency drills and procedures. This is a must!
  6. Parent contact information. Also, send something home so parents get to know you.
  7. Go over your restroom policy.
  8. Go over class rules or create them with the class.
  9. Homework policy. Give specific details and outcomes.
  10. Let students take part in organizing the room. They will take some ownership from the event.