Top 10 Back To School Tips For Teachers

Whether it is your first or thirtieth year teaching there are many things we often overlook or forget to think about that first week. Here are a handful of things we often forget and need to remind ourselves...

  1. Find the best route to school.
  2. Have super-comfortable shoes.
  3. Stock up on favorite items. You will probably be very tired those first few days. It's nice to have things around that we enjoy.
  4. Get your supplies right away. That should be priority one.
  5. Check out your room(s). Make sure everything is set.
  6. Make sure to fit out what has been going on in the community where you teach.
  7. Remember, we have a huge impact on kids. They deserve our best each and every year.
  8. Eat regularly. We often starve that first week.
  9. Learn student names the easy way pictures and year books help.
  10. Don't lose your keys or identification badges.