How Do You Become A Professor At A College?

Teaching as a profession is rewarding as it is competitive, especially that of a college professor. Professors go for the job not only for the money but also because of the fulfillment of having to pass knowledge to the student which would be useful for his/her success. However, becoming a professor in college is not as easy as how it sounds like for there are prerequisites that would take a lot of patience and years to achieve.

To become a college professor, besides having finished secondary education with a good record of SATs (Scholastic Assessment Test), one has to get a bachelor's degree of their chosen discipline that they would like to teach and should maintain above average grades. Good grades reflect the passion in teaching, thus, universities will be likely to be drawn to those who do well in school. After all, you can only last for so long at a job that is stressful resulting to the downfall of this kind of career path.

Once successful in obtaining a bachelor's degree, one must enroll to a Ph.D. program. Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy is a program to take one's bachelor degree to a higher level. Doctoral programs requires usually 3 to 8 years depending on the college level one is interested to teach in. It would take a lot of years to complete the program for one has to produce dissertation or an original research paper that would establish a new hypothesis model that would serve as a new development to its respective college system and ensuring that grades are beyond average proving to be a credible college professor. In this stage, it is crucial that one creates a social connection to expand the network that will be an invaluable resource during the job search as they can provide guidance and are the most credible people to ask about becoming one of them.

Upon completion of the Ph.D., one should exert effort on having an experience of assistant teacher to build a competitive resume that would be a plus to the future employer. After which, upon maintaining a good moral records as an assistant teacher, application to the chosen university comes in. As time goes, when one is able to climb up the hierarchy and finish a tenured term, one becomes a full pledge college professor. Tenured professors, typically read current journals and literature to keep abreast and up to date with the developments in their field. Tenure is usually granted if the board's review is positive to the college system. If it is not enough, the employee is unable to continue teaching at the university. If tenure is granted, the tenured professor cannot be terminated without just cause and is able to support or research unpopular ideas without any fear of being wronged such as being terminated. This freedom provides a security blanket at the higher education university and the efforts for research are of use in establishing the professor as an expert in his field.

It takes a lot of patience and courage to pursue this kind of career for it is not only time-consuming but it is also a continuous learning process where one should keep writing skills as well as keep track with the latest trends at their chosen field. College professor work in environment that is exciting and mentally stimulating having students that are adult enough to comprehend the advanced stuffs. The endeavor of having to teach kids doesn't end an the walls of a classroom but professors are given the opportunity to conduct tutorials that would enable them to connect more with students, thus, topic absorption is at a higher rate.

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