Are Teachers Adequately Trained To Perform Their Jobs?

Teaching is probably one of the oldest professions. It also one of the most rewarding careers because of the chance to nurture minds and train students to prepare them for the future. Teachers are looked up to and are considered as modern heroes. With the increasing demand for teachers, many aspire to become one. In fact, more students are enrolled in education courses in the hopes of becoming a teacher one day. But are teachers adequately trained for their jobs? The role teachers play in educating the youth makes it important for teachers to receive adequate training before they can teach. When students do not perform well, much is attributed to the teachers' skills. A students' scholastic achievement is a reflection of the teachers' ability to teach. However, this is not the case at all times. Some students remain uninspired and do not excel academically despite having the best teacher.

The importance the society puts in teachers is evident to the various teacher trainings available to teachers. Various college systems have incorporated teacher trainings in their curricula and have been proven to be effective because of the number of good teachers produced and currently holding teaching positions in schools worldwide. The quality, competence and character of teachers are significant in influencing the quality of education and its contribution to the development of a nation. Education programs serves as the springboard for training teachers. It is here where teachers obtain the knowledge and training in order to qualify as a teacher. College systems also require continuing education for teachers in the form of post education trainings. Such trainings incorporate new methods of teaching and technologies that teachers are required to learn to keep up with the demands of the profession. It is now not enough for a teacher to finish an education program in a reputable college or university. Further trainings are necessary for improvement. One must also take into consideration the concept of primary, middle, secondary and tertiary education. This is crucial because the different stages of education require varying expertise and knowledge. Therefore, teachers need to possess the expertise required for the level of students they are to teach. Teachers become inadequately trained only when they fail to adapt to the changes brought by time. As such, teachers are required to study new technologies and development in the area of education. Teachers need to adapt easily. Most schools have already set standards for teachers. Certain requirements must be met before one is accepted to teach. This eliminates the possibility of hiring a teacher with inadequate training to be a member of the faculty. Schools and other educational institutions of higher learning imposed stricter guidelines in accepting teacher applicants. Most require a degree in teaching and must possess impressive academic record. Gone were the days when schools admit teachers devoid of any teaching background.

It is unfair to conclude that all teachers are inadequate in performing their jobs. Some teachers may appear to be inadequate because of the lack of proper education and training they received while in school. But there are still teachers who have dedicated themselves in educating their students and giving a quality education to produce competent and well-rounded students. Most importantly, teachers must continuously struggle for improvement. Education is never stagnant. Everyday, new teaching techniques are developed and technology introduced into the classroom. It is the duty of the teacher to make sure that he is not left behind. With proper educational background and training, teachers will never be inadequate to perform their jobs. For as long as teachers remain competent, a quality education is not far fetched.

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