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  1. Capitalizing on Teaching to the Test- The lives of students and everyone involved in their education are increasingly revolving around tests. Teachers are narrowing their curriculum to teach to the test. School administrators are becoming score obsessed.
  2. How do I assess students' progress? - The quick answer is, with every assignment.
  3. Teaching to the Test- Increasingly, schools are finding it just makes sense to align curriculum and assessment.
  4. Teaching to the Test- Provided by ThunderRidge: Real life at a Suburban High School.
  5. Teaching to the Test- " recurring criticism of tests used in high-stakes decision making is that they distort instruction and force teachers to "teach to the test." The criticism is not without merit."
  6. Teaching to the Test?- In an era of high-stakes and high-stress testing, how do we ensure that classroom instruction does not give way to inappropriate teaching?
  7. Teaching "To" Tests: a Conceptual Article- In the research literature, as elsewhere in educational circles, there is disagreement about whether teachers ought to teach to tests or not.
  8. What's Wrong with Teaching to the Test?- by Jerry Becker
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